A Framework for UI Development

ReactJS is an up and coming tool for creating well-structured and manageable applications for web, mobile, and desktop platforms. Its simple but powerful API makes it a great tool for developers thinking of creating entire web applications from scratch. In addition, it has a variety of support from companies across the industry, such as Facebook, Netflix, AirBnB, and more! If you’re thinking of taking your web development skills to the next level, then join us for our React talk!

We will be introducing some of the core concepts behind React, such as component-based design, and some basic features of React. Then, we will apply these skills to developing an user interface for developing light-shows for the Randy Pausch bridge!

This talk is geared towards intermediate developers who have some experience with HTML and JS. It is recommended that you are familiar with some ES6 syntax (such as const, let, class) but it is not necessary.

How to Attend

Bring a computer with a web browser and a text editor installed. Chrome and Atom are recommended. Please also have Node installed with NPM, the Node package manager.


Here’s the link to the lab for this workshop!