ScottyLabs Course API

make more powerful apps for CMU courses


ScottyLabs is proud to provide a simple project for accessing information about CMU course information. This project continues that tradition by completely revamping the way we provide this information.

The Course API accesses CMU-provided information from

  • the Schedule of Classes (SoC)
  • the Course Catalogs
  • Faculty Course Evaluations (FCEs)

It packages all this up into a neat set of scripts that download the information and store it as JSON. The rest is up to you.

All told, the Course API can get you information that includes

  • course descriptions
  • units
  • pre- and co-requisites
  • FCE responses

... and more!

Getting Started & Documentation

All you need to know is available on GitHub. It'll walk you through the process of getting started using the project, and it documents what specific pieces of information are available.


Keep in mind that this project is still being developed, so things are likely to change. If you notice something not quite right, be sure to open an issue on GitHub letting us know. While you're there, feel free to check out the things we're currently working on!