ScottyLabs is a technical club at Carnegie Mellon University. We organize educational events to help people learn how to make things, host workshops to give students the opportunity to work on projects outside of class, and develop applications and services for the campus community.


Upcoming and past events.

Tartan Hacks


A weekend of web dev workshops

Tartan Hacks


CMU's Largest Hackathon

Tartan Hacks


A series of tech-related workshops


We make web applications.

Course API

Information about CMU current courses.

Directory API

Directory information about CMU students.

Dining API

Information about CMU on-campus dining locations.


Our Amazing Team

member image

Jackie Gaston


member image

Scott Krulcik

Director of Technology

member image

Serena Wang

Director of Finance

member image

Shalom Yiblet

Director of Operations

member image

Jason Chang

Director of Communications

member image

Mark Vella

Social Chair & Former Director

member image

Monisha Gopal


member image

Jake Zimmerman

Core Member

member image

Lois Yang


member image

Min Zhou


member image

Oscar Bezi

Friendly Neighborhood Linux User

member image

Angel Zhou

Shines Bright Like A Plat 2

member image

Bryan Yan

IT Guy, Lover of Aphrodite

member image

Emily Newman

CUPS Stacker

member image

Ian Lo

I'd Vote For Him

member image

Justin Chu

Amiable Hacker

New Members

Welcome to ScottyLabs!

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Zhan Dong (Patrick)

Programmer, Game Lover

member image

Michael Liao

Pokemon Lover

member image

Mattthew Lipari

Designated Driver

member image

Tegjeev Singh

VP of Newcomers

member image

Aditi Hebbar

greetings and salutations!

member image

Beata Purvina

New Member

member image

Kai Lung

Everyone's Favorite Canadian

member image

Mahima Arya

Pug Lover

member image

Eugene Han

Free-spirited Mathematician

member image

Lizzy Board

New to ScottyLabs

member image

Murtaza Saif

Team Caffeine

member image

Charles Yuan


member image

Thejas Kadur

I don't know what I'm doing

Contact Us


Our general body meetings are on Thursdays at 4:30pm. Come say hi and get involved! For exact times and locations, check out our calendar below.


To learn more about our organization, and about how you can get involved, email hello@Xscottylabs.org. You can also find us on Facebook and GitHub.


When and where to find us.