Introduction to

build informative websites

HTML and CSS form the foundation of website on the Internet is built upon. If you want to learn web development, HTML and CSS should be your first stepping stone. This talk will be interactive: attendees can follow along with the concepts introduced in the slides with the companion tutorial. By the end of the tutorial, participants will have a custom resume website.

The HTML and CSS talk will do two things. The first is to show your how to write HTML and CSS code that will render a webpage just the way you want. The second is to give you a basic understanding of the structure of webpages, known as the DOM. Both are important if you would like to learn to make more interactive websites in the JavaScript, and Angular talks.

How to Attend

Bring a computer with a web browser and text editor installed. We recommend Chrome and Sublime Text. Brackets is also a great editor for web development, but might be a bit overwhelming if this is your first experience writing a lot of code.If you’re more comfortable with another editor, feel free to use it.


To follow along, go to the demo website. As we introduce new topics during the talk, the companion website will show you examples of source code and its output to illustrate concepts.

We also created a list of suggested websites and other resources for further exploration once you are finished with the talk.

The slides can be found here.