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Angular and TypeScript Workshop

Learn to make dynamic, beautiful web applications

Angular is a web application framework created by Google. Angular has become the industry standard for building large web applications, and is an in-demand skill for modern web developers and computer scientists. TypeScript has also been quickly adopted by the software engineering industry in recent years due to its ability to quickly reduce the number of errors and bugs that arise during the development of large software projects. In this talk and lab, you will learn how to make dynamic, scalable web applications that allow for amazing user experiences by using the Angular 7 framework and TypeScript.


Some basic experience with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript is recommended, but anyone with a basic understanding of programming concepts will also be able to get a good understanding of Angular. Object-Oriented design paradigms are also useful in understanding some of the features of the Angular framework, but are definitely not required. Check out the Github repo below before attending in order to install the necessary software dependencies so you can complete the lab!

Angular Installation

Check out the lab Github repo for instructions on how to install Angular and the other lab dependencies.

Slides & Code

The presentation slides can be found on Google Slides and code examples and the lab instructions can be found on GitHub.